What is On the Move?
On the Move is a vision to position Crosspointe for exponential impact in North Orange County.  We want to continue to create a dynamic ministry to lead people to find and follow Jesus. We desire to see people unite in worship, grow together, and continue reaching out to others locally and globally for God’s glory.  

Where is the new building?
1300 N. Kellogg Drive Anaheim, CA.  It is conveniently located 2.7 miles from our current location.

How many parking spots does the new building have?
500+ parking spots are available to us every Sunday in a shared parking agreement with the complex.

What is the anticipated cost for the demolition and construction of the new worship center, children’s space, student space and office space?
With the information that we have at this time, we anticipate the remodel to total approximately $5 million.

What about the money given to the “Imagine Initiative” from May 2013 – May 2016?
We have collected $538,000 and we have kept that money in the bank. We will combine that money with the money given during the On the Move initiative.

How will we raise the $5 million for tenant improvements?
We will use the Imagine Initiative money ($538,000), we will sell the church-owned house that is located behind the church gym (approx. $750,000), we will raise $1.5M through On the Move, and we will finance the remaining balance.

What will happen to the current church location?
We will sell the church and the church-owned house. At this time we have two offers for our current facility. Both opportunities will allow us to remain on our current site until we move to our new location in the summer of 2017. 

Are we leasing or purchasing the new building?
When we found the building, we signed a lease because we didn’t have any offers on our current location; however, the lease has a fixed purchase option that we can exercise.  We will exercise the purchase option using the proceeds from the sale of our current facility.  

How can I be involved?
We’re asking all Crosspointers to move through a three-step spiritual process.  First, pray and re-surrender, acknowledging that everything you have is from God.  Second, listen to God as you ask what He would have you do with the resources He’s entrusted to you, specifically related to On the Move.  Third, obey His direction.  If He leads you to participate, plan to make your financial commitment on Commitment Sunday, October 23rd, and bring your first  and best offering on that day as well.